Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Taste of My Own Medicine

Last week I was sitting at the coffee shop, drawing people as usual. The man below and a friend of his sat down at the table next to me and started a cheerful conversation beginning with what a nice city Providence is. When I had finished drawing him I put my sketchbook down to drink some tea and he noticed my drawing..."Let me see that," he said. I don't usually mind showing, so I handed him the book. Then he said, "Let me see your pencil."
Now I was a little uneasy, expecting that he might scribble over the drawing and write something like "That'll teach you to draw unsuspecting people!"
But instead, he steadied the book on his knee and began to look at me intently. In a few minutes, he handed it back to me and said, "Ah well, I'm just a photographer." He then explained that his name was Irving Schild and he has been the primary photographer for MAD Magazine for the last 30+ years! I said "Wow, well then you have to sign your drawing of me!"...
We had a nice conversation and it was a really fun chance encounter.
Here is the cover of last month's issue of MAD where Irving is credited for it as "Irving 'Schenanigans' Schild."

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