Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Sketches Continue

Getting back into the routine. Here are some new sketches from the coffee shop.

A simple sketch, I know. Angela called it a perfect drawing and tried to keep me from doing anything else to it. I don't know about perfect, but I like the shapes in it. It's nice sometimes, having someone stop you before you go too far.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm Back!

The road trip was a huge success! Angela and I drove from our current abode in Providence RI, across the states to California, up the pacific coast, and back. We saw many marvelous things along the way including all of the museums listed in my last post, as well as the Delaware Art Museum (thanks to Nick and hedr_goblin who left a comment on my last post suggesting it!), the Grand Canyon, Zion Canyon, Joshua Tree, Redwood Trees, Crater Lake, Yellow Stone, Niagra Falls, and many many galleries!
So now I'm back and I have things to show. Some from the trip and a few things that I ran out of time to post before I left.
I drew this kid at an Italian diner in Pennsylvania, waiting for a severe storm to pass. He was telling his family how they had finished his little league game just in time for the storm to roll in. Soon after his story, people began getting up and moving to tables that were further away from the windows because it was starting to look like the windows were in danger of breaking under the stress of the wind and rain outside.

I started playing with these designs after being inspired by the Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio tour in Chicago.

A suburban home by a park outside Denver.

A huge old oak tree in front of the visitor center inside Zion Canyon

A few people in a coffee shop along the way.

Back at the regular coffee shop in Providence!

Here's Timmy! Just before he took off for Maine.
...and the rest are from before the trip as well