Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sketches and Shading

Prompted by my friend Rich who's got a great blog here, I've been tinkering with a few blog features. You can now subscribe to my blog by email and have each post delivered to your in box when it is posted , or, as always, you can subscribe using any reader, such as Google Reader which is an awesome way to keep track of things on the interweb. (subscription links at left) Before too long you may even be able to buy artwork here using paypal, but I'm still looking into that.
So here are some recent sketches. I would show you the latest Monday night portrait too, if it wasn't still too wet to scan. Soon.

I've been interested lately in shading more than usual. I may attempt some nice large atelier style drawings soon, if I find the time, Hah!
Anyway, I did this sphere to practice using multiple hardnesses of graphite to achieve smooth shading. I probably should have actually been looking at a sphere to make this look right, but my goal was really just to practice smooth shading.
On the gray paper search, for now, I think I've settled to use gray card stock wire bound with a mat board cover. It's not too bad actually, I thought it would be too smooth and maybe it is, a little. But It'll work.