Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Blog Life

This is the beginning of an experiment.
Thesis statement: I am capable of keeping a blog up to date and filled with interesting content.

The results will come in time...

I'm intending to use this blog to display current studies, sketches, news and anything else that might be of interest but is either not finished enough or does not fit easily into one of the categories on my web site.

So let's begin...
New studies!

8x8 About 1hour 20 minutes. Yes, I finally got around to painting that raccoon skull Eleanor gave me! Thanks Eleanor.

8x8 Two sessions, each about 1.5 hours. I wanted to experiment with a two session painting, giving me the opportunity to utilize an under-painting that allows the second layer to be more of a glazey push and pull. Quite fun, I might do more like this. This is also my first attempt at a portrait with out any kind of reference to go from. After doing so many from photos, I thought I would give painting from out of my head a try. I began with a simple sketch out of my sketchbook. I wasn't trying to maintain any kind of likeness, just playing with it.

But wait! there's more...
Recent sketchbook work:, i think maybe blogger doesn't like the number of images in this post, that's all I can upload for now. This may cause complications in the experiment.

until next time,