Friday, June 29, 2007

English Breakfast

I'm told that I eat my eggs English style, piling everything on my toast. Well, I have to say, it a good way to eat eggs!

Here are few things from the past weeks. There is more on the way.
New Commission:5x7, This will be going on the web site soon. I'm partial to Earl Grey myself, but this commission requested English Breakfast.

Mall night at OAFF! (That's, Operation Art Friends Forever, for those that are unaware) Every week I meet with a small group of friends for a sketch night, lovingly referred to as OAFF.
And other stuff...

And what the heck, here's a progress shot too.
10x14, It just needs another layer in a few spots. I'll go more into the details of it then.

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  1. You can even make a tea bag beautiful. The colors are fantastic!