Sunday, May 27, 2007

Satyr Days

OK, so it's actually Sunday, but I can never resist a pun.
Here is post number two! And a good start when it comes to keeping this thing up to date, after all, two posts are certainly better than one.

New study:
5x8 2 or 3 hours.

So I've had satyrs on the brain for a while now. I believe there may be a satyr illustration on the way, but I haven't yet decided exactly what it's going to be. more news to come.

I've also been spending a lot of my time at the local coffee shops...

and here is a preliminary sketch for my cardinal "still"life that I like and finally got around to scanning.

That's it for now, maybe I'll start post some older sketches too, but for now I'm keeping it to the current stuff.


  1. This stuff looks really great bob, it's good to see you sketching as much as you have been. The face and beak of that cardinal look really nice, the marks in the forehead are very confident and direct in terms of communicating the form as well as containing a fair amoutn of stylistic substance too. If i have any issue with that one drawing it's that the chest of the bird falls apart some. The thriftiness of the marks you use to sculpt the form in the bird's face, aren't really as evident in it's body. The Satyr Jsut beneath the Shell i think is my favorite, I like the sense that his horns continue down into his muzzle, there's a very satisfying solidity to that that i feel like must have come from ingenious leap from some good Gazelle reference or something. At any rate, well drawn. There's something irking me in the shell piece. It's really sexy but there's something about the way that it's drawn I think that I'm just not believing. It may have to do witht he Shadow.... but i'm not entirely certain.

    I'll think about it, but otherwise, Kudos, and great stuff.

  2. Glad to see you've joined the blog community! Lovely studies you've got here, my friend. Really exciting color in the shell piece. I'm also happy to see the portrait without references, clearly you know what you're doing, and you're damn good at it. P.S. I throughly enjoy your stylization that comes through in your pencil sketches. I'd love to see how you'd handle a combination of underlying pencil drawing with a build up of paint, ala James Jean perhaps? Awesome work.

  3. Hey Bob! welcome to the blog world. haha. Lovely sketches and paintings as usual. The sketches have so much life! I am thoroughly enjoying the one of the girl with the long neck. Nice stylization.

    Since we were old classmates, I'll throw you a crit. I think what Chris is getting at about the shell piece is how it is sitting on the ground plane. The perspective is wonky do to the brushwork. It looks like you got a little carried away. Another confusing element is how the shadow cuts into the large dab of white. This pops too much due to the texture and high contrast. Furthermore, my eye should be settling on the shell and should not be distracted by the white. Unless of course that was your intention then I am full of BS. Masterful work on the shell though. It has a great sense of texture and wetness.

  4. I think(i know) your work is really good-the way you do the eyes is like no one I have seen...
    i thank you for sharing your work