Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Nullius In Verba, Timelapse Video

A new timelapse video of Nullius In Verba is now free to watch on the website!

This video has been available on my Patreon, but I'm now releasing it to the wider public with added vocal narration about the Cosmic Perspective series. So give it a shot with the sound on and let me know what you think!

About Nullius In Verba:
Latin for "Take nobody's word for it", Nullius in Verba is the motto of the world's oldest national scientific institution, the UK's Royal Society, founded in 1660. The motto was adopted to signify the fellows' determination to establish facts by experiment. They recognized that we cannot accept assumptions or stories from authority, no matter how charismatic. If we want to understand nature, we must observe nature. It has taken centuries to get as far as we have, but this simple idea has allowed humanity to rein in superstition, famine, and disease. It has taken us from horseback to the moon and back. We still face formidable challenges, to be sure, and those challenges make it easy to take for granted just how far we've come. We now communicate at the speed of light, traverse the earth through the sky like birds, and produce more food than we need - even if economic forces keep that food from reaching everyone equitably.

Scientists do get things wrong from time to time and solutions sometimes have unintended consequences, but collective scientific scrutiny of claims leads to a steady correction of errors in our understanding. Science is not perfect, but it is the best method of knowledge discovery we have, and that's worth celebrating.

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