Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Brooding and a Second 2nd Place

After a few months hiatus from Every Day Original to catch up on a few things, I'm now back to my regular posting date of the 21st of the month. That means this new mermaid goes up for sale tomorrow morning at 10am EST. Be ready, they don't usually last long.

Brooding, Oil Study by Rob Rey -
Brooding, Oil Study, 6 x 8 inches
For your viewing pleasure, I also managed to record and compile a time-lapse video of the painting process of this small study.

There is more good news about my painting, 
Reaching Europa. It has received a second 2nd Place Award! This time in the Infected by Art annual competition, also claiming Gold in the Oil/Acrylic/Watercolor category. See all of the great winning artworks here.

Reaching Europa by Rob Rey -
Reaching Europa
I've also recently been notified that I have been accepted as a Signature Member of the Oil Painters of America!

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  1. That was a great video, thanks for making it! Congratulations on Reaching Europa. When I got my copy of Spectrum, I think I probably flipped back to that painting over a hundred times in the span of a week just to stare at it again. You did such a great job establishing the figure on a massive scale and those shadow shapes are beautifully chiseled. I get this feeling of emptiness whenever I look at it, but not a dead emptiness, more like a feeling of peace or serenity. I get so immersed that I can practically hear the sound being sucked away from the world as if I'm in a vaccuum. Sorry to gush, I just truly love this painting (along with the rest of your work.) Again, congratulations!