Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Oil, 11 x 14 inches


  1. Beautiful work, Rob. Love the brushwork. Saw your still-life at the OPA show back in April. A stand-out imo. Very nice. Best in 2011.

  2. Thank you Candace! Best to you as well.

  3. Nice work,man. I love your colors and your imagination.Also your mastery of oils. i have been looking at your work and without an offense,i would like to critique it.
    I do think ,on your portraits,there's a lack of anatomy,i can tell by your sketches from the cafe,that they lack a feeling of structure. I do think indidual studies of each feature will enhance your painting,try some sculpture it will give more solidity to your painting.
    Im in love with your clean colors,and your ability to compose and design. I think also that it would be for your benefit to go back to your favorite masters and do some mastercopies.Also,and this is pushing you,a more strick practice of cubes,and perspective will solve some problems in your drawings,cause there are many errors that perspective when mastered can correct...All in all i will check back,is been a while since i practice painting and drawing form life...keep it up.

  4. Thanks Alejandro, I know that my anatomy is not always perfect. In the course of these 2-3 hour portrait studies sometimes something gets missed or sacrificed for the feeling of fresh and energetic marks. And in my cafe sketches too, with the added difficulty of a moving model and having to be discreet in my glances, sometimes the anatomy isn't perfectly solid. It is something I strive to be able to tackle under any situation.

  5. yeah i many things to think about, color,anatomy,feeling for flesh,correct drawing,light and shade,perspective...perhaps do a little study in pencil in your sketchbook for a pre-drawing,cause i have seen older sketches of yours in which the face are perfect...i like Antony Vandyck when it comes to portraits..more than Sargeant,or Velasquez or Rembrandt.I'll check back on your stuff, i felt inspired...:),now i will use a digital medium for color studies...before the actual oil painting...never thought about it