Monday, September 14, 2009

Long Awaited

Thanks to everyone who watches my blog and sits through all of my practice work and sketches waiting to see illustrations. I know, it's been a while, but I have a bunch of new images to show you! Images which I will divulge over several posts. (We can't have too much fun all at once)
So here are two creature illustrations, painted for an upcoming table top role playing game. Both are painted in oil and finished with a few color tweaks in photoshop.


  1. i LOVE the subtle texture on the 'sutri' creature. whether its the grain of the ground or brushwork, its fantastic!

  2. Good to see new stuff man! Especially liking the light in the first one :)

  3. Awesome work!
    And please keep posting the studies as well! It's the best signal for everyone out there trying to make it, that one can't make it without studying and working hard...

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Tim - I'm glad you were able to see that texture, I was worried it would disappear in the scale down.

    Johan - Don't worry, there will be plenty of studies and hard work to come!

  5. Wow Bob. Great job. Did you use any reference for the figure at all? Great lighting in this piece too.

  6. Wild stuff, man! That first scene is killer.