Wednesday, December 5, 2007

More sketches from the coffee shop! ... and a few from other places.
I'm working on an exciting project now! It may be a while before I can post anything about it, but let's just say it involves mermaids, statues that come to life, and more!


  1. Hey man. Nice work. I have been digging the paintings you post on for a while. I always thought, "Man, it'd be cool if he had a blog..." Well I finally found it! Great work all over.
    happy new year,

    ps. I think you mentioned in a post you'll be attending Revelations...I'll be there as well, it'll be cool to see your painting in action

  2. Beautiful stuff Bob, very nice indeed.


  3. RobRobRobRobRob
    I f'ing met you dude! Hell yeah!
    Punch Timmy for me!

  4. Hey, Francis, Tom, it was awesome to meet you guys in Seattle. Keep in touch!

    Cory? in Mr. Turner? How've you been!?

  5. Great stuff you got here - really loving the portraits. Keep it up!