Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The Monday night portrait strikes again! These have been a ton of fun lately and I feel like I've been improving at least a little. Always a good thing.

Denise, Oil on board, alla prima, 14" x 18"


  1. Damn, man. your portraits and paintings always look so vivid and juicy! What method of painting do you follow? What mediums do you use? I am curious.

  2. Yes, very nice!......lots of great work here.

  3. Beautiful work! How long are you given to do these paintings?

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Eric - I'm not sure what method I follow, I start with a quick line drawing in paint and generally go from dark to light. I don't use any mediums or solvents when I paint, just paint.

    Brian - It's a three hour session but by the time we get started and with all the breaks, it's actually only about two hours of painting time.