Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Illuxcon coming up

I'm getting geared up to attend Illuxcon ,the first fantastic illustration art convention, next weekend in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Looks like it's going to be a good time and there is going to be tons of great art to see! If you also happen to be going, come find me and say hello.

The latest Monday night portrait is also drying and waiting to be scanned. Our model this week was local jazz singer Tish Adams. Image coming soon...


  1. Love seeing your drawings! Wonderful, you have a great, sensitive line.

  2. "Quando eu morrer não quero choro nem vela, quero uma fita amarela, gravada com o nome dela
    Se existe alma, se há outra encarnação, eu queria que a mulata sapateasse no meu caixão"
    "Fita amarela"- Noel Rosa

  3. Beautiful work! Hope the convention is a success!